Fall is finally here, which means its time to pack away your summer wardrobe and start wearing your favourite fall pieces!

For me fall is the time where I inject even more black to my wardrobe (if that’s even possible) and also included some darker colours like burgundy!  This year I’m taking a chance and trying to get away from my form fitting clothing and wearing some loose pieces like jumpsuits, dresses and oversized sweaters since they are staple pieces this fall!

Here are a few of my favourite fall alternative outfits!

Outfit #1:
Shirt Dress – Topshop
Studded Clutch – Topshop
Shoes – Topshop

Outfit 2:
Denim Jacket – Topshop
Blouse – Topshop
Joni Jeans – Topshop
Shoes – Topshop

Outfit #3:
Drape Dress – Topshop
Leather Jacket – Topshop
Choker – Topshop
Shoes – Topshop

Outfit #4:
Sweater – Topshop
Jamie Jeans – Topshop
Choker – Topshop
Shoes – Topshop

Outfit #5:
Jumpsuit – Topshop
Leather Jacket – Topshop
Hat – Topshop
Shoes – Topshop

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 6.23.48 PM

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