England is like my second home to me, so whenever I’m there I take it upon myself to take a day trip to a brand new city and just explore.

This time around I decided to go to the lovely beach town of Brighton.  Now I’d be lying if I didn’t say this trip was inspired by the many YouTubers I watch that are from there, because it definitely was.  It was inspired by the amazing beaches that are featured in their videos, because to me it looked like paradise.

It seemed like everyone in London that day decided escape the city and spend the last sunny day of the week at Brighton beach, and it was the perfect way to spend it. With a clear blue sky and a busy beach full of people having fun, enjoying their life, it was peaceful.  Five hours there just staring at the ocean, thinking, felt like just a few minutes.

I went to Brighton mainly to just think, spend sometime in my own mind, and just to get rid of any stress I had.  Walking along the pier and just sitting on the pebble beach was the perfect cure of all of that.

I went to Brighton a bundle of stress, and I left feeling free of all of it.

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