Hello everyone!

Last week was very exciting for me as I finally got something I’ve been waiting months and months for…a puppy!  This is Oliver my Welsh Corgi!  I have been obsessed with corgis for such a long time now, they’re just so disproportionate with their short legs, long body and big ears, I just love it.

He’s only 2 months old so he’s still a little baby, although he’s already really smart and has a little personality of his own.  Oliver is such an angel, although he is teething currently so he does have his biting fits here and there but otherwise he is just perfect!  His favourite things to do right now is run in the leaves in the park, or fall into a very deep sleep in my lap.

I’ve missed having a puppy around so much, they’re just so fun, cuddly and loving, I honestly think there’s nothing better than having a puppy friend around.

If you want to see updates on little Oliver then let me know!  He will definitely be making appearances in my videos 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 6.23.48 PM

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