Last week while in London, yet again, I was able to finally see Asking Alexandria perform with their new lead singer.  As a fan since the beginning this is something I’ve been waiting to experience for quite some time.  What would Denis be like? Would Asking Alexandria be the same?

I went to the show curious about a lot of things, but honestly I left a bigger fan than I was when I first went in.  Denis was well amazing, better than I expected.  I of course watched a tone of live videos of him performing so I knew he would be good, but he wasn’t just “good” he was amazing! He sang every note to perfection, the old AA song were performed the best I’ve ever heard them be played, and the songs off of The Black…well they sounded even better live!  He wasn’t just good at singing though, Denis was loving every second on stage, he was interacting with the crowd, filling them up with even more energy than they already had.  Denis was doing the job of a frontman better than I’ve seen anyone else do.

Even though Ben Bruce wasn’t able to make it out to this tour, the band stepped up and made sure the show would still be the same.  The fans sang Ben’s part of every song, and to say it was magical is honestly an understatement.

Something was different about seeing them this time (I’ve seen them five times with Danny), it could’ve been the fans because to be honest British fans do it better than anyone else, but I think what was really different was the energy.   Every member had so much energy in them, the stage was their’s and they owned it which is something I didn’t see from everyone before.  They were having fun and were loving every second of it, which to me said a lot and changed the whole atmosphere of the show.

I went in unsure if I would still feel the same about Asking Alexandria, but I left an even bigger fan.

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