British alternative band The Cure, is currently touring through North America and I was lucky enough to have the chance to watch them perform live!  Ever since I was little I can remember listening to The Cure in the car with my dad so you could say I was pretty excited to hear some of the songs I listened to growing up in person.

For three hours they performed hit after hit, and with 35 songs being played they didn’t even have the chance to play some of their best, which not many bands could say.  The crowd was just having the time of their life, singing every word and would cheer any time Robert Smith would look into the crowd or would stand off to the side and just looked, well depressed, which is what he is known for.  Every song sounded exactly like the recording, if not better, it was an amazing show from start to finish.

The Cure will always be a legendary band and with this show they proved that they deserved all the success they’ve had as a band, and why they will always be iconic.

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