While I was in England a month ago I was able to do something I’ve always dreamed of doing, walking around Cambridge University.

What draws me to travelling around Europe is the architecture and history.  When I was in Cambridge it almost felt like you went back in time, you were surrounded by churches, old collage campuses with big court yards that are still used today, and buildings that were grand enough to almost be castles.  Within the University there are small cobble stone side streets, filled with students and tourists.  The shops are almost all unique to Cambridge, which gave this already amazing city extra added charm.

Walking around Cambridge for a day was a dream, there was so much to look at with all the buildings that were made by hand hundreds of years ago, and when you were there you couldn’t help but feel amazed by what was around you and by what you were experiencing.

Another city was crossed off my travel bucket list.  I wonder where life will take me next.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 6.23.48 PM


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